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PVC Safety Signs is a family run website which sells an extensive range of health and safety signs and glow in the dark photoluminescent signs. As an experienced sign manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, we are dedicated to produce the finest handmade safety signs money can buy. We are fully aware picking the correct safety sign for the job can be an overwhelming task as there are so many designs and variants to choose from. For peace of mind when purchasing our products, our safety sign designs will be future proof for many years to come. PVC Safety Signs is up to date with all the latest safety sign designs. We make sure all products comply with current legislation standards such as BS EN ISO 7010. The safety sign legislation BS EN ISO 7010 has been created to unite all graphical symbols to ensure all safety sign designs are easily recognisable throughout Europe. BS EN ISO 7010 safety signs have been introduced throughout all member states of the European Union to harmonise safety standards across Europe. For more information, why not check out our safety signs guide which is full of useful information and tips.

Get ready for our new and exciting custom sign category, simply create your own safety signs with ease. We now offer a new range of custom safety signs promising the quality you deserve. Using only premium sign materials, this ensures we manufacture the best quality custom safety signs available on the market. Using this feature enables you to simply create the exact message or safety precaution you require. Simply enter the text you require on your desired safety sign design and let us do the rest!
Hazard safety signs can be used as a precaution to display any dangerous hazard which may be of harm to the general public or employed staff. A budget PVC hazard sign can be used to exploit hazards such as very hot surfaces, slippery floors, harmful chemicals and dangerous machinery. Hazard safety signs are readily available and manufactured using high quality materials.

Here at PVC Safety Signs, we have developed this website with the customer in mind. Our easy to use drop-down menus have been configured to easily find the safety sign you are looking for. There are many different sign categories to choose from which have been allocated into the correct submenus. The different categories have been split down into four different sections which include safety signs, fire safety signs, general signs and other products. Our Safety signs section includes a range of health and safety signs such as custom safety signs, electrical safety signs, hazard signs, mandatory signs and prohibition signs. The fire safety signs section includes a range of fire exit signs, fire assembly point signs and fire equipment signs. There is also a selection of glow in the dark photoluminescent signs and IMO fire safety signs. Our general signs section includes an extensive range of construction safety signs, general safety signs, marine IMO signs plus road and transport signs. Finally, our other products section consists of products which are different from our standard health and safety signs. These products are health and safety posters, custom safety posters, glass manifestation and sign fixings.

As per regulations BS 5499-4:2013 and BS 5499-10:2014, all safety signs require different viewing distances and adequate illumination. PVC Safety Signs recommends using larger sizes where applicable for maximum impact. This is also a benefit because the signs can be easily understood and viewed in an emergency due to the larger size. This may prevent accidents occurring which is very important in a public place or workplace. Installing a safety sign in the correct area can also be an important factor, make sure your sign is located at the correct height or area for maximum safety. Some different examples are above head height or at eye level. Please see below for information on viewing distances for safety signs.

Safety sign viewing distances in accordance with BS 5488.3.

Viewing Distance: Up to 9 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 300x100mm or 300x200mm

Viewing Distance: Up to 14 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 400x150mm or 400x300mm

Viewing Distance: Up to 21 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 600x200mm or 600x400mm

There are several different types of materials which can be used for manufacturing safety signs. Our material options we stock are self adhesive vinyl, synthetic 220 gsm poster paper, photoluminescent vinyl/glow in the dark vinyl, 1.5mm semi-rigid PVC, 3mm rigid plastic and 3mm aluminium composite. All our materials have been carefully selected for their durability properties to ensure they will last for many years to come. Our sign materials can be used internally and externally in many different environments.

On the website, we have a great discount structure which is available on all products. We offer 10% off if you purchase ten or more of the same product. If you order higher quantities of the same product, there are higher tiers of discount available which will be automatically calculated on the shopping basket page. For bulk orders, please contact us for special discounts. By dealing directly with PVC Safety Signs, there is no middleman which means lower prices for all of our customers. For the quality of the product we manufacture, all products offer great value for money and are competitively priced for the UK market. We offer free delivery on all orders over £75.00 excluding VAT, the postage cost is £2.95 + VAT for any orders under the £75.00 amount.

If you are unsure about which safety sign to purchase, we will do our best to recommend the best safety sign for your application. Why not check out our frequently asked questions page which explains the variations between different types of safety signs. If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our sales team will be happy to help and offer advice for any products listed on our website.