The Importance of Photoluminescent / Glow In The Dark Safety Signs

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If you wish to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations Act 1991, every doorway or fire exit must provide access to a means of escape. Fire exits in ordinary use should be provided with a fire exit signs or photoluminescent signs. Installation of signs conforming to British Standard 5499 will satisfy both the Building Regulations 1991 and the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals Regulations) 1996.

Photoluminescent signs also known as glow in the dark signs, illuminate with a green glow when there is sudden darkness. These glow in dark signs are critical in an emergency when escaping a building at night or when a power cut occurs.

Using our class leading Orajet 3930 photoluminescent sign material you can:-

  • Mark fire exits
  • Mark stairways
  • Highlighting fire doors
  • Direct foot traffic
  • Illuminate prime areas in the circumstance of power loss
  • Make foot traffic aware of escape routes
  • Show assembly points
  • Provide information on fire fighting equipment

Photoluminescent 3930 Sign Material

All photoluminescent and glow in the dark safety signs will require different viewing distances but we recommend using the larger sizes where applicable. Installing the safety sign at the correct height or area can also be an important factor, make sure your photoluminescent sign is installed at the correct height or area for maximum safety. Some different examples are eye level height, above head height and close to the hazard area. Please see below for our size and viewing distance guide.

Photoluminescent Sign Size Guide

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