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In certain types of industries, some employers are required to monitor activities of work personnel for regulatory and legal reasons. Any footage or information which has been recorded should only be used for the purpose it was intentionally recorded for. However, there are exceptions where footage can be reviewed if there are any serious issues or investigating other severe problems. An example would be a member staff climbing up racking dangerously in a warehouse and breaching health and safety rules in the workplace.

It is in their best interests of company owners and employers to protect their property. By introducing CCTV to their premises, this is an effective way of protecting their livelihoods on a daily basis. Many businesses around the UK use CCTV and is a very common way of increasing security in many workplaces. When using CCTV, all businesses must comply with Data Protection Act 1998 and follow the CCTV code of practice.

Rules and regulations have been introduced by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to ensure all camera systems are operated in a responsible way. The CCTV code of practice has been created to protect the privacy of the public. This practice includes displaying the correct CCTV signage to inform the public or work personnel they are being recorded for safety purposes.

CCTV and security signs have the potential to prevent theft or criminal activity around your premises. If you are recording footage on CCTV cameras, it is a legal requirement for you to make employees and the public aware of them being recorded on security cameras. If you use more than ten cameras on your premises, we can offer a discount on safety signs with quantities of ten or more.

It is important to inform members of staff, the public or visitors about operating surveillance cameras. Using the correct CCTV signs in your building helps to provide information clearly warning CCTV is in use. Security measures can be implemented on site to advise any person caught causing damage or stealing will be fined and prosecuted.

Visually clear CCTV signs should be installed close to the security cameras in operation. All security and CCTV signs should be visible to all personnel and all cameras should be clearly visible to the human eye. Privacy messages are also recommended with CCTV safety signs where surveillance systems are used and should be displayed close to the cameras in use.

CCTV signs which comply with surveillance legislation:

CCTV Warning Signs LegislationCCTV Signs Legislation

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