Safety Signs Guide

All you need to know about Safety Signs

Instructions For Installing Safety Signs


When applying or installing a safety sign, there are different methods which can be used which can be seen below. 

Installation Method One - Double Sided Self Adhesive Tape
  • All signs on the website can be purchased with the "self adhesive backing option"
  • Easy to use and install your signs in minutes
  • Measure up and mark out where your sign needs to be installed to ensure the sign is level
  • Simply peel off the backing paper of the self adhesive tape and apply to the desired surface
  • Press down on the sign to ensure the sign adheres to the surface
  • Bingo! your sign has now been applied, piece of cake! 

 Installation Method Two - Apply sign to a wall or surface using screw fixtures ( Not supplied )
  • All of our sign materials can be easily drilled through if required
  • Mark out on the sign and desired surface where you need to screw / drill through - X marks the spot!
  • Depending on the size of sign, we recommend using one screw per corner
  • Ideally use self drive screws and wall plugs to ensure the sign is securely installed
  • Voila - Your safety sign is nice and visible

Installation Method Three - Use Cable Ties if installing sign to a fence or barrier
  • As in method two, all sign materials can be easily drilled through for use with cable ties
  • Mark out on the sign where you wish to drill the hole through - ideally one hole in each corner, about 2 - 3 cm in.
  • Thread through cable tie and tighten to fence or barrier etc.

Installation Method Four - Applying self adhesive sticker ( Instructions do not apply for safety signs )
  • Find a suitable smooth flat surface
  • Make sure the surface is nice and clean
  • Measure out or a use a marker pen to mark where you wish to apply the safety sticker
  • Peel off backing paper from the self adhesive sticker
  • Apply using a squeegee or application card,  putting pressure and working from the middle to the outer edges. ( Squeeze all the air out from under the sticker )

Safety Sign Size Guide - Choosing The Right Size For The Application

Make sure your signs are clearly visible from a distance,  please see below to choose the right size for your safety sign.  The approximate viewing distances for different types of safety signs / stickers can range from 4.5 meters up to 23 metres.
Size 100x100mm 300x200mm 400x300mm 600x450mm
Approximate Viewing Distance 4.5 Meters 7.7 Meters 15.5 Meters 23.0 Meters

Safety Sign Guide
All health and safety signs / stickers will require different viewing distances, but we recommend using the larger sizes where applicable for maximum vision.
Installing the safety sign at the right height or area can also be an important factor, make sure your sign is installed at the correct height or area for maximum safety. Some different examples are eye level height, above head height and close to the hazard area.
Safety Sign Material Guide - Choosing The Right Sign Material

When manufacturing all safety sign products, we print using Roland and Mimaki anti-fade eco-solvent ink. This guarantees our products are of the highest quality on the market. Please see below for a detailed description of each sign material we currently use.
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • 1.5mm Semi Rigid Plastic
  • 3mm Alumimium Composite
Self Adhesive Vinyl 1.5mm Semi Rigid Plastic 3mm Alumimium Composite
  • A flexible vinyl with a permenant adhesive backing. For a stong bond apply to a smooth and clean surface inside or outside.
  • 1.5mm has a 5-7 year liftime. Provides signage on a budget. Easy installation and a subtle finish due to its low depth. Suitable for inside and outside use.
  • Our premium sign material, solid in construction and of the highest quality. Aluminium composite signs are the one to go for because they will last for year after year!
  • 3mm Rigid Plastic
  • 5mm Foamex
  • Photoluminescent Vinyl
3mm Rigid Plastic 3mm Foamex Photoluminescent Vinyl
  • Similar to PVC but more robust and increased thickness. More suited to outdoor use as this type of sign can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Our Brett Martin 5mm Rigid Plastic is a high quality sign material which offers superior resistance to outdoor elements
  • A glow in the dark sign material that can be used on any backing material. Most suited for fire exit and fire equipment signs.

Lamination Process

To increase the lifetime of our products, we laminate all of our safety signs using the laminator below. Laminator

  The Benefits Of Lamination Are:
  Tough Scratch Resistance
  More Resistant To Corrosion & Wear
  Anti-Fade UV Protection ( Product colours will not fade )
Classification / Meanings Of Safety Signs

Picking the correct safety sign can sometimes be confusing. All safety signs have a meaning or an instruction that must be followed. Different colours and designs are used to distinguish each type of safety sign. Please see below for meanings and classification of signs we currently have on sale.
Meaning: Must Not Do, Restricted Actions, Forbidden Activity etc. Meaning: Advisory Action, Must Do, Recommended Instruction etc. Meaning: Caution, Warning, Danger Meaning: Escape Directions, Health and Safety Equipment, Safe Location Meaning: Chemical Related, Chemical Danger, Explosion Risk etc.
Related Categories: Prohibition Signs, No Smoking Signs, Security Stickers Related Categories: Mandatory Signs, Hygiene Stickers Related Categories: Hazard Signs, Electrical Safety Signs, Security Stickers Related Categories: Fire Exit Signs, First Aid Stickers Related Categories: Hazchem Labels, COSHH Signs, COSHH Labels, Hazchem Signs

Sign Legislation BS EN ISO 7010

The sign legislation BS EN ISO 7010 was introduced to unify all graphic symbols and to ensure safety sign designs are easily recognisable. BS EN ISO 7010 signs have been implemented throughout all member states of the European Union. PVC Safety Signs keeps up to date with all current safety sign designs and we make sure they comply with the legislation standards. For peace of mind when purchasing our products, our safety sign designs will be future proof for many years to come.
Find the goverment documentation on safety signs here: Goverment Documentation