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Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of laminators, so it's our job to make sure that every job you start gets the perfect finish.

  • Who they are

    For many years, we've been leading the world of lamination with the most innovative designs in the market place by listening to our customer's requirements. We're committed to developing, improving and upgrading our products in a constant search for the best quality, the highest levels of reliability and the most efficient ways of laminating.

    In short, because we design and manufacture our own machines, you benefit from our ability to turn an idea round from concept to finished product quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

    That's why our current ranges are the best you can find anywhere.

  • How can they help you

    Vivid Laminating are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative new products, making sure that you stay ahead of the game at every turn.

    We're always looking for fresh ideas, so if you have any feedback about our products, services, staff or even this website, get in touch. Click here to let us know your thoughts.