Blind Spot Angles Morts Truck Magnetic Sign

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Product Name: Blind Spot Angles Morts Truck Magnetic Sign

Additional Product Description:  These French Blind spot magnetics also know as Angles Morts Mangetics are mandatory in France from the 1st of January 2021. From this date, all vehicles above 3.5 tonnes are required to display these magnetics on the vehicles such as heavy goods vehicles, trucks, lorries, buses, coaches etc.

Placement of Magnetics: See images 2 and 3 for examples

Trucks, Lorries and Tractor Units:

On trucks and tractor units, the magnetics must be installed on both sides of the vehicle and on the rear. On both sides, the magnetics must be applied on the front of the cab, at a height between 0.9 and 1.5 meters from the ground. The magnetic on the rear must be applied to the right hand side of the truck or tractor unit. This magentic must also be applied at a height between 0.9 and 1.5 meters from the ground.

Trailers and semi-trailers:

Magnetic signs must also be applied to trailers and semi-trailers. On the rear of the trailer, the magnetic must be applied on the right-hand side with a height between 0.9 and 1.5 meters. In addition, the magnetics must also be applied on each side. On the body, this must be done within the first meter (at a height of 0.9 - 1.5 meters). For the trailers, the magnetics must be applied on both sides within the first meter behind the fifth wheel (at a height of 0.9 - 1.5 meters).


There are a number of exceptions to the rule. This applies to vehicles where it is  impossible to apply the magnetics to the required areas on the vehicle. In this scenario, the magnetics should be placed at the nearest  height possible, as long as it falls within the 2.10 meter limit.

Some examples of vehicles where the magnetics may be applied in other places are car transporters, tractor units for trailers, container chassis, platform vehicles, tank vehicles, adjustable arms for dump truck and dollies. It is not possible to affix the markings on the rear of the vehicle on these vehicles, therefore the magnetic may be affixed in a position compatible with the characteristics of the vehicle.

Vehicles where it is structurally impossible to apply the magnetics to the side and / or rear are exempt from the blind spot magnetic sign scheme.

Product Type: Transport and Haulage - Blind spot angles morts HGV magnetic sign

Product Code: TS051

Additional Material Benefits: Scratch resistant, chemical resistant and UV Colour protection meaning colours do not fade.

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Orientation: Portrait

Country of Manufacture: We manufacture all products in the UK using British sourced materials.

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Sign Viewing Distances

Safety sign viewing distances in accordance with BS 5488.3.

Viewing Distance: Up to 9 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 300x100mm or 300x200mm

Viewing Distance: Up to 14 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 400x150mm or 400x300mm

Viewing Distance: Up to 21 meters --------- Recommended Sign Size: 600x200mm or 600x400mm

Safety Sign Viewing Distances